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Arbitration is like private court.

Unlike engaging the public justice system to resolve a dispute, arbitration allows parties to select their own decision maker and keep their affairs private.

Arbitration allows for creativity, efficiency and flexibility to allow conflict to be addressed quickly.

Often, arbitration allows conflict to be addressed more cost effectively than the long wait involved in going through the legal system.

Many parties appreciate the customization and not having to "air their dirty laundry" in the public eye.

An arbitrator is not a lawyer and requires different training than the practice of law.

Parties with a conflict can gain comfort in selecting a decision maker familiar with the subject matter of their dispute.

Marc Bhalla holds the most senior designation offered to arbitrators in Canada - the Chartered Arbitrator (C.Arb) designation of the ADR Institute of Canada. Marc embraces novel approaches to arbitration that keep costs reasonable, avoid delays and gives parties the chance to present a full case.

You do not have to give up a day of your life to "have your day in court". The shows and films commonly streamed do not depict what it is really like, anyway. That is especially true for arbitration, which takes place without an audience.

Participating in arbitration online can provide all kinds of conveniences. It can also enhance the process by allowing you to make a full case when it is convenient for you to do so.

Most often, online arbitration takes place through documents. Parties offer their submissions in writing, supported by documentary evidence and witness statements.

Marc Bhalla has experience with a variety of arbitration options. 


Arbitration Considerations