Marc Bhalla has the following service partners to provide cost effective and efficient dispute resolution services.

The incorporation of these services into Marc's practice comes at no additional cost. They help Marc offer affordable dispute resolution services.

While Marc prides himself on flexible processes that can be conducted on the platforms most comfortable and familiar to his clients, his default service provision platform is Zoom. In part, because of its wide use.

Marc received certification in using Zoom for dispute resolution back in 2015.

Not only does Zoom allow Marc to provide clients with a single click links to meetings without requiring registration, it also provides a series of features that Marc makes full use of:

  • Breakout Rooms - offering private space for clients to meet, including in caucus with Marc during mediation, interviews by Marc in investigation and for hearing preparations on their own in arbitration

  • Recording - while Marc's mediations are confidential, the recording feature can be used to capture settlement terms in mediation and to cost effectively replace or support transcription services in investigation and arbitration

  • Calendar Invitates - Marc utilizes Zoom's invitation features to provide clients with an easy way to reserve time for a session with Marc in their calendars, with meeting access particulars embedded therein

* Marc's Zoom account is part of the Zoom service package coordinated by the ADR Institute of Canada. The account is designed specifically with Marc's dispute resolution service offerings in mind.


Marc makes use of DocuSign to facilitate electronic signing for his clients.

  • Engagement Agreements - clients can sign their Agreement to Mediate or Arbitration Agreement without having to worry about printing, hand signing and scanning, automatically receiving a copy of fully signed agreements for their records

  • Settlement Agreements - particularly when parties are located at a distance from one another at mediation, Marc uses DocuSign to offer a practical solution to capturing binding settlement terms in writing during virtual proceedings


Marc offers his clients security and ease in making credit card payments through his partnership with PayPal.

While payment can also be provided by e-transfer or cheque, this option provides a seamless way for clients to provide retainers and other payments for Marc's dispute resolution services with the comfort that their payment details are safe through the integrity of this third party service provider with a strong, international reputation.